The kingdom of Khandaras has fallen into chaos. An unknown force of evil has swept the land, plunging it into civil war and terrorising the populace. A mad king, his missing son and a mysterious archbishop are all pieces to the puzzle that faces you...

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Considering the time it came out, Diablo was the direct responsible for a lot of games that showed up to this day.
Even though technically outdated, it's superb story and music still inspires a lot of fans around the world.
Almost 15 years after, with it's overannounced third sequel as stillborn, this game has grown to be a huge cult classic.

Greatest GAME OF ALL HACK&SLASH games, AND the mother to that same genre


aaa.. fresh meat


I found some time to write, so I`ll do my review for Blizzard North`s debut game Diablo...
First of all the gameplay is good for it`s time. Diablo brought something really new to the RPG genre and that`s real-time combat in point and click style.
The game has a lot of enemies, items and sadly few quests. The thing that makes it interesting is that whole game is random and when you restart you will always come across new enemies to kill and new items to obtain.
The game has a hub system which allows player to travel back and forth between levels that are connected to one main hub, interesting is that player can open a new exit in one level to travel back into a main hub. The pain is that there can be only one gateway open and man there are just 16 levels in the whole game, that`s short.
Now about graphics. Engine allows coloring certain parts of sprites which makes several enemies able to share same sprites but to look different, and sprites themselves are well done made.
Graphics are really good, textures are well drawn, sprites well made. The game has that satanic image that Doom 2 has. Pentagrams, mutilated bodies, red light, dark ambiance, etc.
Speaking of ambiance, sound quality is pretty good. And music really brings that feel of evil lurking and waiting for you...
Diablo has CD music, which is in really good quality.
Now about Multi-player, this is the first game that came with and plus game is outside of Blizzard Entertainment. The problem is that very few people had internet in that time.
About the replay value, now game has a lot of random stuff in it. And you have 3 different classes to choose. Each with different play-style. That adds to a replay value of the game.

Simply put, go out and buy the game... It`s old and good. You won`t regret it.


Best RPG ever. Nuff said.

loved it.

Fcking Godlike

One of the best action rpg games ever!


Totally I've played demo (!) for so long that first attempt to play full game was total shock for my mind. Incredible playable and mastermind-project at all! Worth every minute of my life. Game of my early years :)

One the best game ever

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