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The George Romero Mod was made in honor of George Romero, considered to be the "Father of Zombie Movies". This mod aims to replicate the behaviour of the Romero zombies, which means that zombies are mostly slow and can only be killed by destroying the brain. There are also other optional features included in this mod to satisfy the cravings of Dead Island players. The Walking Dead comics and tv series and even the zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead are two very well loved horror entertainment that closely follow the Romero style of zombies.

Game: Dead Island
Mod: George Romero 5 All In One Mod COMPLETE
Release Date: October 1, 2011
Tested On: Dead Island Version 1.2 (Might work on earlier or later versions)
by: Adeno

Current Steam Forum Address:

Table of Contents:

I. What is the George Romero 5 All In One Mod?
II. How to Use
III. Switching Between Optional Mods
IV. New Features
V. Normal Features
VI. Known Issues
VII. Troubleshooting
VIII. Credits

I. What is the George Romero 5 All In One Mod?

First of all, the George Romero mod aims to recreate the classic zombies in the style of how George Romero, the man behind the Night/Day/Dawn/Land/Survival/Diary "Of The Dead" series of movies, envisioned zombies to act. In his version, zombies are people who somehow manage to rise back from the dead. These zombies have an intense hunger for flesh, not just the brain (Zombies addicted to brains come from the "Return of the Living Dead" movie series).The classic "Romero Zombies" don't have the ability to communicate or do anything else intelligbly. Still, some of the Romero zombies have remnants of activities or behaviors that they used to exhibit while they were still living human beings. For example, the very first zombie in the original "Night of the Living Dead" was able to use a rock to break the car's window in order to be able to grab Barbara, the lead character. In "Day of the Dead", Bub, the zombie who was being experimented on by a scientist, was able to "remember" how to use a phone and even use a gun. These are very rare zombies as majority of the zombies in Romero's vision only want to eat living creatures. They don't know how to intelligently attack anyone and one of the basic things they can do is to extend their arms to grab people and bite. The only way to kill the Romero zombies is to destroy their brain. This can be achieved by bashing their heads with a hard object, decapitating them, burning them, electrocuting them, and anything else that would affect their brains violently.

For this version of the mod, I was able to change the movement speed and behavior of most special types of zombies. In other words, the Infected, Thug, Floater, and even the Suicider will all slowly try to walk or limp towards you. I've also found a way to stop zombies from starting out as "poisoned" or "burning". This means that you won't find zombies that smoke out green dangerous gas or encounter burning zombies who didn't even touch anything that's on fire. I've also added 2 HUD versions, a NO HUD mod from Blinkstar and a Radar Only HUD, which is simply a version of the NO HUD mod that was changed by me to show the radar on your screen so that you won't get lost. In this mod, you can now actually collect food, such as apples and drinks, and put them in your inventory for later use.

II. How to Use

* You must have WinRAR or WinZIP to "extract" the RAR file. *


- Go to My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data folder.
* If there is no Data folder, go make one.*

- Put DI-RomeroMod5AllInOneCOMPLETE.rar inside the Data folder.

- Right Click on DI-RomeroMod5AllInOneCOMPLETE.rar and choose "Extract Here".

What You Should See After choosing "Extract Here".

- This ReadMe.txt file, Inventory.scr file, a Menu folder, and a GeorgeRomero5Mod folder.

III. Switching Between Optional Mods:


By default, shops in the George Romero 5 mod won't have anything for sale. If you want the shops to sell Special Weapons such as a Zed's Demise katana, here is what you have to do.

- Go to My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data\GeorgeRomero5Mod\Shops folder.

- You'll see DefaultShops.rar, NoWeaponsShops.rar, SpecialWeaponsShops.rar, a new text document, and a Shops.scr file.

- Since you want to have Special Weapons in shops, Right Click on SpecialWeaponsShops.rar and choose "Extract Here". This will replace the Shops.scr with a modified version where shops will sell the special katana and guns.

Description of Optional Mods:
* Anything that has "Default" on the rar file means it will put that specific mod back to its original unmodded version that you'll find in a normal game. *

Location: My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data\Menu\Hud

BlinkStarNoHUD.rar - Blinkstar's NO HUD mod. You won't see anything else on the screen except on the upper right hand corner that shows which weapon you're using. Aside from that, you're on your own. No maps, health, stamina, and everything else.

OnlyRadarNoHUD.rar - my modified version of Blinkstar's mod. Similar to NO HUD mod, except you'll be able to see your compass so you'll be able to find your objectives and not get lost.

Location: My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data\GeorgeRomero5Mod\Shops

NoWeaponsShops.rar - shops won't have anything for sale! You'll have to find weapons on your own or do quests to earn them.

SpecialWeaponsShops.rar - shops will sell items including Special Weapons such as Zed's Demise and other "orange" guns.

Location: My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data\GeorgeRomero5Mod\AISpawnAndSettings

AllCanGrabInfectedAI_pre.rar - infected zombie files modified to enable them to grab.

AllCanGrabZombieAI_pre.rar - normal zombie files modified to enable them to grab.

NoBurnPoisonAllCanGrabInfectedAI_pre.rar - infected zombie files modified to remove ability to start as a burning or a poisoned infected zombie. Grab is enabled.

NoBurnPoisonAllCanGrabZombieAI_pre.rar - normal zombie files modified to remove ability to start as a burning or poisoned normal zombie. Grab is enabled.

Location: My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data\GeorgeRomero5Mod\Infected folder

InfectedCanPunchinfected_data.rar - infected zombies can now punch.

InfectedDontPunchinfected_data.rar - infected zombies can't punch, just like the Romero zombies.

Location: My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data\GeorgeRomero5Mod\Vessel folder

ZombiesCanPunchvessel_data.rar - zombies can now punch.

ZombiesDontPunchvessel_data.rar - zombies can't punch, just like the Romero zombies.

IV. New Features:

- Collect Food and Drinks and consume them when needed.

- Special zombies are now part of the game again after giving them the Romero Zombie behavior. The infected, floater, suicider, and even the ram move as slow as the Romero Zombies.

- Zombies won't start as poisoned or burning anymore. This means you won't see zombies who emit poisonous gasses anymore and burning zombies that show up out of nowhere. They will have to be set on fire by you or by something burning to make them go in flames.

- 2 Extra HUD Style choices: NO HUD (from Blinkstar) and Radar Only HUD to enhance game immersion.

- 2 Extra Shop Choices: No Weapons in Shops for the survivalist gamers and Special Weapons in Shop for the trigger happy gamers.

- 2 Versions of Zombies/Infected, Punching and Non-Punching.

V. Normal Features:

- Only headshots or special effects will kill the zombies, such as setting them on fire, electrocuting them, etc.

- Zombies have been given the "Romero Zombie" behavior. No more crazy fast zombies! They'll all slowly shamble towards you!

- Zombies will mostly try to grab you so that they could sink their teeth into your delicious flesh. Other zombies who have died while holding weapons as humans will use their weapons, just like how the first zombie in Night of the Living Dead was able to use a rock to break a car's window and how Bub from Day of the Dead somehow remembers a little how to use a phone and a gun.

- Zombies won't be able to hurt you if you're inside a vehicle unless their attacks reach you from the nearest window. If they only hit the vehicle, you won't be hurt.

VI. Known Issues:

- Butcher is still fast as I still haven't figured out how to make it move slowly. Even after modifying its supposed speed it still moves the same way.

- Butcher can hurt you while you're in a vehicle ONLY IF the butcher attacks you from the nearest window and his bony arms reach you. He won't hurt you if he's only attacking the vehicle.

- In some missions where you're supposed to be attacked by infected type zombies, there's a good chance that you'll have to hunt them down using the radar yourself because if they spawn far enough, they might not notice you. This might have something to do with their modified speed as I never changed anything about their ability to detect players.

VII. Troubleshooting:

1. The mod doesn't seem to work!


- Make sure you close Steam first.

- Make sure you are in this folder -> My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data

- Put DI-RomeroMod5AllInOneCOMPLETE.rar in this folder.

- Right Click on DI-RomeroMod5AllInOneCOMPLETE.rar and choose "Extract Here".

- Restart Steam and have fun!

2. How do I remove this mod?


- Close Steam first.

- To remove this mod, simply go to My Documents\DeadIsland\out\Data and delete the following: Menu folder, Inventory.scr file, and the GeorgeRomero5Mod folder.

- Restart Steam and play!

3. I want to play this George Romero mod with my friends!


Although not yet proven, it would be advisable to have all of your friends use the same version of the George Romero mod. In this case, everyone should use the DI-RomeroMod5AllInOneCOMPLETE.rar version.

IX. Credits

- Blinkstar for the No HUD mod which I modified for to have a Radar Only No HUD mod.

- A lot of nice and talented people in the Steam forums who dig around the files to discover which file affects what in order to help make modding the game a lot more fun and easier!

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George Romero Mod V5 All in One
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Chaosthedragon Dec 25 2014, 5:07pm says:

That's a really nice mod. The only option I'm missing is are slwoly zombies that don't need a headshot to be killed.

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