Dead 4 Good is a upcoming zombie survival horror RPG with a changing storyline. The storyline will change completely upon the player's choices, some choices will lead the player to meet new characters while others will lead to certain dead ends.

In Dead 4 Good there will not follow a linear storyline, but, instead, follow a shifting storyline based on the player's choices. Players will be presented with both small choices that might only affect the relationship with other characters, but will also be confronted with great choices that will have the player chose between separate storylines. Different storylines will have the player encounter new locations and, of course, new characters that will not appear in other storyline.

Another storyline affecting factor will be the relationship with characters. Having a bad relationship with the characters will cause them to do insane things, from leaving the group, betraying your group to a rival bandit group, and even sabotage operations and risk the entire group in order to get revenge. But player interactions will not be the only ones that affect the relationships with other characters. Some characters will be traitorous and the player will have to chose whether to trust them or not.

Also, being a Zombie Survival RPG, in Dead 4 Good your main enemy will be the Zombies themselves. They will appear in every scenario and provide a threat to the player. Also did I mention the game will also have Dead-End Storylines? Basically, when a player makes a bad decision somewhere in the past, it will generate a Dead-End Storyline. Certain choices will generate storylines that do not end well for your group. For example, if the player's group of survivors chooses to barricade in a poorly protected house, the house will be overrun eventually, no matter how the player tries to avoid it.

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