In the not-too-distant future, governments have dissolved and powerful mega-corporations wage covert wars for territory and the control of information. As a freelance mercenary, you will conduct sabotage, assassinations, espionage and ambushes on their behalf to line your pockets and pay for top-of-the-line weapons and cybernetic limbs. Will you side with the corporations, the private military, or perhaps with the radical anarchist youth hacker gang in an attempt to bring down the entire corrupt system?

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The game comes off solid and very well thought out with much room for even more tweaking and adding content.

The attention to detail in level design, AI behaviour and environmental awareness reminds the player more of a professional product (for example Bullfrog's Syndicate) rather than an indie overhead keyboard and mouse controlled stealth shooter.

For overall presentation all I can say is that the amount of music could be bigger.

The game plays out in closed divided areas with doors being mainly gates to building interiors or "warp" zones to neighbouring areas instead of a openly scrollable screen like in Syndicate. You control your agent with WASD Shift Ctrl and item/action keys with the mouse handling only the shooting and aiming without the need to select items you want to pick up which is very comfortable.

Your main goals consist of acquiring intel and assasination of rivals. You can achieve this by manipulating various obstacles such as cameras, turrets and locked doors with your hacker equipment or blowing up whole walls with C4 charges. You can silently dispose of enemies or rain down bullets/throw grenades before they have a chance to return fire or take them out from afar if there is not a big height difference in between. You can also avoid enemy contact by hiding in the shadows or corners which does not yet work flawlessly but is nonetheless functioning where it should.

Various special gadgets alter the gameplay to your liking once you get a feel for different goals and of course have the right amount of money to put your inventory together.

There is of course the possibility to cybernetically enhance your agent to raise survivability, swiftness and accuracy.

If you like Cyberpunk, stealth and assasination combined with espionage and overhead shooters with the right amount of customization and special items that let you change your style of gameplay freely then this is a MUST BUY, TRY or WHATEVER.

SUPPORT THIS TITLE. Replaiability is good.

Fantastic, brooding atmosphere.

This game combines elements from different cyberpunk works as well as introduses it's own spins on the genre. The gameplay is accessible but has a good progression to it. This is as close as we are gonna come to a neuromancer game in this century.


Very cool game, lots of options on how to tackle the missions, plus killer atmosphere make this a game I wouldn't mind paying for!

There were some parts that were a little difficult and frustrating, but overall, a great game.

Buggy, but awesome, like Shadowrun tabletop awesome!

Great game, fantastic concept. i love the style.

Addictive, Challenging and for this price there is no reason not to give it a try ;)

Great game. Good gameplay, lots of charm.

The cyberpunk game you have been waiting for. Syndicate with multiple paths and play styles

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