SEQUEL COMING SOON!-Matthew Corp's first attempt at a zombie/ horror game. Fight side by side with unforgettable characters, in a story that will take you across Russia, and require you to kill countless zombies, as two different playable characters! Dark Fusion is not about dying really far in and forgetting to save, and having to restart the whole game because you died. It is about killing zombies, living the epic story. and sticking together. Due to this. Dying has been taking out. You wont die. But that does not mean this game will be easier. The challenges will now not be staying alive. But finding out where to go, what to do, and how to do it. And trying to stick together with your party member! Be sure to check out the sequel, coming soon! :) Be sure to get the map packs first! (Desolation Map Pack- Available Now)

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Map Rules- No trolling maps. No Inappropriate maps with dicks drawn with the resources. And the most important thing of all, NO ONES ENTRIES WILL BE DENIED. AND I WILL NOT JUDGE YOU ON YOUR MAP MAKING SKILLS. We will accept all funtioning maps. Please do not add zombies, thats our job. Just make a map, put it in a zip file and upload it to the upcoming MODDB page which will appear in this comment thread when its ready. Message me if you have any questions on how to find your map in your documents folders. (Maps must be in ZIP files due to moddb not due to personal preference)

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And see them in the full game with your name IN ALL CAPS RAGE! In the 4th map pack 'community' Due out after the next 2 packs. (Yes you get full credit for your work and your name in the games credits)

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