Curse is a first-person action/horror game where players take the role of a dead pharaoh, journeying through the underworld, and seeking the truth of an ancient myth of immortality. Key Features: -Nonlinear progression -Explore a huge Egyptian Necropolis, filled with dangers and secrets.(and bloodthirsty worms) -Experience a unique and intense, physics based combat system against mummies and demons.

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dendera light
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Argoon Sep 19 2012 says:

For the game looks certainly cool, but on Wikipedia it says that is not proven that does images on dendera represent a electrical lighbulb of any kind, it says : "The view of Egyptologists is that the relief is a mythological depiction of a djed pillar and a lotus flower, spawning a snake within, representing aspects of Egyptian mythology."

Is hard for me to believe they add invented the lightbulb and a way to get electricity to that same lightbulbs and not have any physical evidence of that on the thumbs excavations, also for a lightbulb you need translucent glass and all the man made glass on that period was opaque and colored used for jewellery, amulets and the occasional small receptacle.

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KEEP_IT_UP! Sep 19 2012 says:

i think you shouldn't trust wikipedia always, since it's a source for great knowledge but not guaranteed to be the always the truth - people just forget about that fact.

egypt is very, very fascinating, you should search for alternative information sources on how they MAYBE got energy, what the pyramids COULD HAVE been and beside these theories have a look at some of the FACTS about the mathematical and physical details of these massive and impressive buildings - why so many people died or got sick after entering certain areas inside these massive buildings at the first visits... such along time after there was noone anymore. do you think it's "the dead taking revenge once their burial chambers had been disturbed."... i don't think so. supposedly there has never been a dead body or a mummy found inside a pyramide or any of these "burial chambers", but what was inside them instead?

i don't say that you have to believe everything, just stay open minded and get informed. ;)

some sources also say that there where no torch appliances inside the great pyramids found eather... also no recordings that the first people who visited them found walls inside blackened with soot. only hollywood repeatedly suggest that these have been there - just as often as they've actually been there. ;)

that's why i love this screenshot. it combines myths with theories, great atmosphere, lies and conjectures. you can chose what is what.

great model btw. :D

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Nannak Dec 13 2013 replied:

Actually I think this is has been long debunked already since first of all, the Egyptians didn't invent the lightbulb and also the "dendera light" is a greatly taken out of context due to Pareidolia. The "Dendera Light" is actually explaining the Egyptian creation story and it's exactly what it says in the "mainstream" view on the wikipedia page. Also further info here.

However it's such a shame that a potential Egyptian themed game once again falls into the AAT trap again which is not only tiresome but also racist and robs the legitimacy of the Egyptian people and also cultural appropriation at it's best. If the developers have to come to their senses, I would request to remove this entirely from the game and perhaps get the Mythology right 100% like it claims to be instead of rehashing the AAT rubbish again.

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cdev Author
cdev Dec 14 2013 replied:

Hey,thanks for all that information!
Umm... this shot is from a game which is under heavy development.When we got something more 'final' I'll remove all these old shots.

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cdev Author
cdev Dec 14 2013 replied:

Also, the game is not about Egyptian mythology, it is just "Egyptian mythology themed" for example: it is safe to say that Exhumed(aka Powerslave) was an Egypt mythology themed game, but that doesn't mean that it represents Egyptian mythology, it is just a work of fiction.The same thing is true for Curse.

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Nannak Dec 14 2013 replied:

Thanks for the clarification and of course I was hoping that this would be a opportunity to explore actual Egyptian mythology well actually I think you can read about Atenism, Hermeticism, Kemeticism which those religions are the 'basis' of Egyptian mythology.

Also a clearer list of Egyptian Mythology topics detailing the places, Deities, etc:

Well since the game is still in development, I think it has plenty of time, to turn itself around to somehow 'represent' Egyptian Mythology or at least get it right. Don't want a missed opportunity here.

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Nannak Feb 9 2015 replied:

Also "Egyptian Themed Game" shouldn't be a excuse for adding very problematic elements like the Ancient Astronaut theory which is very worrying. If you're still working on this game and if you wish to keep it 100% supernatural, and then the mythological contexts have to be very accurate and any Ancient Astronaut elements have to avoided at all costs.

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cdev Author
cdev Feb 9 2015 replied:

This is an old screenshot;there will be no ancient astronauts in the game;

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~Mapster(WFc) Sep 20 2012 says:

From my gamers point of view I can see this as been an interesting addition to the game IF it were a bit smaller or added into the correct areas as it looks to big for the area. Adding the correct details to it with dust around it could make it look a bit more old as well(Will add an interesting effect to dynamic lighting when projected around a room too).

A modders point of view I can see it as being an ingenious way to include lighting differently to a game, there is no point using the same effects all around a map. Variance is good but adding in the RIGHT variance isn't easy and requires study and trial+error techniques that take time.

My Personally opinion as an individual, this sort of addition would get me interested in studying the Egyptian world as there are myths and hints all over the place leading towards millions of different things such as the worms and bugs, gems, mummys, curses and heaps of more things that we are yet to discover.

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cdev Author
cdev Sep 20 2012 says:

Hey, Thanks for all the helpful opinions! (I do not believe that egyptians had lightbulbs:) ) In the game, if you break a lightbulb(or a nearby mummy or demon breaks one), first it will became dark in the room, then even more demons appear immediately, because breaking lightbulbs angers the cobra goddess Renenutet.

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An ancient Egyptian lightbulb. Check it out on wikipedia (dendera light) if you're curious about it.

Sep 19th, 2012
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