Creepy Zone is a horror survival game through a surreal and nightmarish world. Enter if you dare.

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i really enjoyed this game and it felt like an unforgettable horror experience ... i would like to see more games like this one :P


Pretty good concept, like a crazy dream.
Annoying part is to keep the left button mouse to keep the lighter on; some bugs constrict to play the game from the begin but the bugs are presents in only some parts of the rooms if a player explore them.
Not all actions are mentioned.
The game runs well in Win7 x64 without any problem.

This game is a good basement for a future project.


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To begin with, I had a bit of problem starting this game up before (as it constantly crashes before the loading in the main menu finishes). This could be Dxtory conflicting with the game, but it could be something to check into.

As for the game itself, it's an interesting experiment of surreal environments. Though quite a few character models in the game are pretty gruesome and disturbing to look at, the fact that you don't actually confront most of the creatures here makes them less threatening.

The gameplay is more or less an experience rather than a game that can stand on its own. The level design can be predictable (such as the case with the ramp) and everything seems to lack a sense of unity. Just random things happening. And of course, the abrupt ending...

Decent effort with a potential, but can definitely use some work.

Nice! :)
Greets from Serbia! Rock on! \m/


Very Very Very good start to a game. a couple of comments though; There is only one part of this entire game that you can lose (that I have discovered) and I won't give it away, but even though I beat it, I'm not sure if I beat it the way you were supposed to. The other problem is that the game was so good and creepy and had some very well done scripts and scares and things that made you just go "huh?" and I loved it, but it was waaay to short! There is also no real solution or even problem, which is the aim of the game I guess, but I at least wish it was longer. very good job though, I'm not sure if there are or aren't going to be updates but I'd like to see more to this game..

Decent, but not very original.


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