CreepTD is an Online Multiplayer Tower Defense game for 1-4 players on one map. It's simple: At the beginning, every player gets 20 lives to defend. The goal of the game is, of course, to survive your opponents. To do so, you need to build and later upgrade different kinds of towers to defend your lives agains incoming creeps. If you don't and a creep passes through your board completely, you lose a life. On the other hand you have to send different kinds of creeps to your opponents, so that they will lose their lifes. When sending creeps, your income per round (one round lasts 15 seconds) raises. The more money you have, the more advanced towers can be built and the more advanced creeps are available to send. Sounds simple, but believe me, it's all about the right strategy somewhere between defending and attacking to win the game! CreepTD can be played in single as well as mutliplayer against other players in six unique solo, coop and team game modes on more than 100 maps.

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This game is the best Tower Defense Game ever!! You can improve your game everytime! Also after years. The Game Community is great. Try it out!


I realy realy love this game. It is so an exciting game. I cannot quit it. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Lag. Enormous lag. Server side. I have 120/10 cable internet connection. One of every ~10 games starts normally, without timeout or so. Not only for me, but for others too.

Gameplay... on some maps on easy difficulty starts with too many creeps... that's not easy and not fun. Easy should be easy, to allow the players to test some skills in real game. Even I don't get any XP for it? What?

I've played many TD's, and there are many more better ones, but not this one is the worst either. =)

You need to tune it some more... balance... etc...

This one does not worth the time.

That's all...

Mapmaking looks interesting though... let's see...

Doesn't use native window manager and chrome. Accidently maximised the window and couldn't easily quit or exit.

Also requires an account to play; no way to just jump in and have a game.

Incredibly jerky action. Observed a game and could not really understand it because of the pre-elamintery graphics.

really one of the best TD's i've ever played espacially the fact that its multiplayer


It's just simple, simple tower defense but I love to play it.


Very fun and addicting! Great to play with friends.



Great game.

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