A single player territory control platformer with some kind of tower defense backing it up. Contain Aliens using four guys, with unique skills and vehicles

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Report RSS The S38-Kobold (Chass' space fighter) (view original)
The S38-Kobold (Chass' space fighter)
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I've added a new idea to the game. Instead of just being a plaformer it is now a sidescrolling shooter as well. And as such I need space ships.

It will be available on certain levels. Currently it has working landing gear which stops it from taking off when not extended and on the floor. It can't fly yet, but that is next up. This also is the final build of build20. Build21 will be a complete focus on the character and ship movement!

The ship is a late 20th century space fighter, decommissioned from the last great war and this ship belongs to Chass. It's armed with a front mounted 77mm PG-58 Plasma Reaper, this cannon will charge up while it is firing. The longer you fire, the more powerful the shots get due to heat buildup and the faster its rate of fire. This comes with a few drawbacks however. The longer you fire the harder it is to maneuver, you will also lose forward momentum and the cannon can overheat, if fired for too long. Requiring a cooldown period, before being able to fire again

It is vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capable and very maneuverable

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