Takes place 11 months after the events of the first Condemned. The mysterious phenomena causing insane violence and mass psychosis amongst Metro City's homeless population has only gotten worse, with massive riots breaking out across the city.

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Needs a pc port!


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Condemned 2 is a special kind of game. Not that it's smart or artistic, it's for different reasons. This game is good in ways that people with different tastes would say it's bad. It's like someone combined Akira and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure using LSD as an adhesive all the while huffing glue fumes and paint. I'll start at the beginning, the combat. The combat is refined from Condemned 1, you're never defenseless and you're never under-challenged. Weapons now break so you're never going to break the game by using "rebar with concrete" and glitching it through levels. Guns are less useful as well mainly because the enemies are slightly faster to strike at you and because enemies seem to be stronger. Now let's talk about the bad things about the combat. None of what I said before actually matters after about 3/4-ths of the though. You get upgrades after every level, and they eventually add up. Eventually you get this weird sound blast ability at about that time and after that the game just gets easier and easier with every upgrade. It's fun for about one and a half missions, but after that you realize that you could just spam that one attack and eradicate everything in front of you. The problems don't end there because the "immersive" detective work you did in the first game is dumbed down to a series of multiple choice questions that don't matter except for a score that matters if you live in the 70's. The enemies also use guns a lot more now but that is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. The story is also something that is neither good nor bad, it is neutral. It does naturally expand upon the story of the first game but it also takes a few liberties and certain parts aren't explained unless you pay attention to things that seem irrelevant and even then I'd be stretching it to call them explanations. Ultimately, I do care about the characters and the situations they're in but only because I've played the first game and I liked the characters. If I played this game first I would not give a singe damn about anything that happened to these people. The game has bonus modes where you start with guns and have unlimited ammo and harder difficulties but that's about it. It really sounds like this game has so much more wrong with it than good, so why do I give it an 8/10? Because of these reasons. I didn't give a damn about the detective work in the first game, it was sloppily thrown in with some basic coding and was only used in small parts when it should have been present through the whole game. The parts where they took away your weapons and forced you to use a crappy one-off weapon that you would never use otherwise were both unnecessary and infuriating, because those were the parts I died the most on. The guns in Condemned 1 were useless and annoying, you couldn't reload and you pick up ammo off the ground or other weapons not to mention the fact that THE ENEMIES HAD INFINITE AMMO! The story was also irritating because of how it would slow down for an entire series of levels and then speed right the hell up afterwards. The best parts of the first game were the characters and the atmosphere and I stand by that because those parts of the game are AMAZING! I have many problems the original and almost all of those are fixed here, the only problems I truly have are the story, characterization, and the atmosphere, but the last two are only problems once the game starts to wrap up. Honestly I feel like you should play the first 3/4-ths and stop playing after the sound blast stops being fun, then just make up your own ending, 'cause the real one kinda blows. Finally, what price do I recommend for it? For the original case with instruction manual? And the disc is in mint condition? $15. When I first bought the game, it was on sale for this price, and this is the ideal price for quality and content of this game.


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Good game better then the first by alot


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