Strive to become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the dawn of man into the space age, waging war, conducting diplomacy, discovering new technologies, going head-to-head with some of history’s greatest leaders and building the most powerful empire the world has ever known!

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This game is less "complex" than its predecessor, for example religion was removed, instead of getting civics through research there are seperate "policies" which will unlock by accumulating culture, and happiness is calculated on a national level instead of per city, which is something I personally don't like that much.

There are some other changes that I do like though. For example the 1 military unit per tile mechanic. No more stacks of doom and more tactical gameplay. Archers and other 'ranged units' that didn't have a real ranged attack before being able to truly do a ranged attack is also a plus.

Civ V is easier to learn than Civ 4 (which is the only other Civilization game I have played) because of its decreased complexity, while it still has the "one more turn!" addiction factor. I personally would have like to keep the more 'complex' features, but it is still a great game.

Nice :)

One of the best reason can be just to see what you can do to anyone no matter what you need to do no matter what but some not want to agree but when those people need to learn they will agree

Its a well designed game, with excellent developed AI, although it has some bugs like slow loading graphics, etc. However its an awesome game and its worth buying.

Not for everyone.. One of my favorite games of all time. Great single-player experience but paramount when played multi.

The game-play is noticeably comfortable than Civ4. For a turn-based strategy game, turn after turn and managing cities and units must not be irritating, and Civ5 has done a great job at it. Though i still don't like it when the camera automatically focuses on unmoved units by force.

Difficulty of the game is another thing that's praiseworthy. There are eight; From Settler to King to Deity. And this wide range of difficulty gives one to play, have fun and advance at the same time.
I myself have never beaten the Deity and the Immortal. But it's an agreeable game when it's on the King difficulty.

Game strategy depends greatly on what type of map you're playing on and also which of the eighteen leaders you are. There's a wide range of map types which are generated randomly that you can play on, which is in my opinion is what makes the game worth playing "over and over again".

After playing the game and got used to it (if you like Turn-Based-Strategy games) "you will get addicted!" and the game goes on and on as you think to yourself 'ok, after this turn i quit' -- and will find yourself sitting for days on end unable to quit playing...

But, like all games it will also get boring as you explore it deep enough. But wont happen for quite a while.

9- for quite basic and elementary military strategy.

Games okay, get's pretty boring to be honest.

Civilization is a amazing game with incredible graphics, interface and gameplay, there may not be alot of options in diplomacy but makes up for its number of different units from warriors to A deadly robot, Leaders are very well designed and gameplay is unlike anything ever seen in previous games.

This game deserves its rating.

It's quite a bit different from Civ 4, but it's still a great addition to the Civilization family of games

Civilization V - I don't think I have ever been as hyped up for a game as I was for Civilization V. I pre-ordered it on Steam months in advance, hoping to play it at 0000 hour the day it came out.

The shining new graphics and hex system had been sold to me months in advance of release - I was literally jumping for joy when it came out. However I was let down in a huge way.

Civilization V is not half the game Civilization IV was. It has a fraction of the Civilizations, far less features, buggy gameplay that results in crashes, and multiplayer that I have never gotten to work correctly over an entire year. Adding insult to injury the new civilizations have to be bought individually rather than in an expansion.

It pains me to say this (after so many great games) that Sid Meier has dropped the ball with this game, and I will never buy another Sid Meier game on release again. Don't let all the high reviews fool you; this game is two steps backwards from Civ IV.

Difficult to play at first but addictive later on. Very addictive. The ability to mod and map this game makes it so much better.

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