Wryn is a girl with a big arsenal and big dreams -- she wants to be the ultimate videogame hero! Help her take down the Greatest Heroes of All Time in an action-packed bid to claim the title for herself and show the world what a true hero looks like! Features: -A unique control scheme that allows you to slow time, weave through hails of bullets and clear room-fulls of enemies without breaking a sweat -Seven levels packed with multiple set-pieces and bosses -A large arsenal including a flamethrower, remote mines and a bullet-reflecting sword -Difficulty levels ranging from laughably easy to maddeningly difficult -Three unlockable characters that put their own twists on the gameplay mechanics -Unlock Arcade Mode to try and survive the entire game on one life -Unlock Challenge Mode to select and battle up to three bosses at once

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Bleed scratches an itch that the Mega Man Zero series use to for me. It hit all the high notes of the genre perfectly too. Well designed boss encounters that make great use of the game mechanics. The ability to deflect incoming fire and cut dudes with a sword is always super satisfying. Any side scroller with a sweet train level is always good in my book. The game is short and the price is more than fair.
Bleed is easily one of my favorite indie games now, up there with Cave Story and Suguri. You can tell it's made by someone that loves this kind of game, and aren't just doing another 2D "retro" indie game. I hope this game does well, I had a dumb grin the whole time playing it.

Bleed is an impressive indie action platformer game that takes notes from Devil May Cry, Max Payne, Cave Story, and much more. The musical tracks are wonderful and the art style is a nice call back to retro gaming. The gameplay is highly addictive and pretty fun overall.

Feels like an older game but in a good way...has all the charm of retro titles but with modern controls and mechanics.

Jump and Run at it's finest...
Like in the GOD OLD TIMES

Bleed is quite possibly the best run and gun shooter I have ever played. Using bullet time to manage triple jumps works and feels wonderful from the first time an enemy barrage is flown over. Even the more insulting death messages managed to make me laugh.

This is another game I'd be playing right now if my pile of shame wasn't quite so high. It's one of my top games of 2013.

What a good old-school throwback game! It's just pure action across different types of levels and tons of bosses. Really takes me back to the days of Turrican on the Amiga and suchlike. Oh and the main character is ridiculously loveable...

The action is intense and the price is right for it's relatively short length. If you like platform shooters I definitely recommend giving this a shot.

This is the the most fun platformer I've played in years.

What are you doing reading reviews?! Just buy it already, you wont regret it!!

I liked this game.
I don't like my keyboard.
Problem solved.

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