In the not-so-far year of 20XX, demonic revolution has begun. When her boyfriend gets kidnapped by the queen of a succubus force, Pecan’s adventure for love, justice and divine punishment begins! She transforms into the Buxom and Brave Banzai Pecan, with the strength of ten-thousand men and the power of a Goddess hell-bent on Justice! She will stop at nothing until she regains her love and justice! - IF IT MOVES, BEAT IT SENSELESS! Time your Strikes and throw out a arsenal of hand-to-hand combat with burning frenzy! - WHEN IN DOUBT, DODGE, AND THEN COUNTER! Use the Dodge function to flow your evasive moments, waiting to counter! - FEEL THE FIRE IN YOUR BODY AND UNLEASH DIVINE RETRIBUTION! When your rage burns in your body, unleash your Banzai Shinken moves to obliterate all that stand in your way! - ADD INJURY TO INSULT! Dazed enemies? FINISH THEM OFF IN STYLE! *Minimum requirements* CPU Speed: Pentium 4 (1Ghz or newer ) RAM: 2 GB OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 Direct X 9.0 +

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Definitely one of the best Indie games I've ever played. Most of the time, Indie games don't hold my interest enough and I don't really dabble in them too much, but Banzai Pecan is fun and refreshingly deep. It gives me more fun than a lot of AAA games nowadays, and is certainly a game I'd mention to people who enjoy fast-paced beat 'em ups or action games as a whole. It isn't easy to convince people to try a game like this, but they're missing out on a really fun experience if they don't even give it a shot.

... Give us analog support for fightsticks at some point, that's my only grief. Please? ;~;

I was going to get food today. Instead I bought this game and ate ramen instead. I dont regret that choice. The game is super fun and addictive. It's super hard and it brings back a ton of memories. I like the characters a lot it definitely cracked some smiles. If I can change one thing it would be the option to change controls. I use an Xbox 360 controller and it isnt beat em up friendly. Also I use all 4 of my fingers so using my pinky for rapid friendly pressing isnt the best either. Literally the only thing Id change. It offered a lot of fun. Red Zone can go **** itself. I would definitely recommend it and this something different than sitting around playing old Megaman emulators between League queues or raid breaks. Game is exceptional, please continue making games. Thanks for the enjoyment

Game's great, has that old-school feel to it. Fun to play over and over even though I'm not good at beat-em-ups. but very fun. ^o^

One of the best Beat'em ups I've played in a long time. It's hard, got that classic 2D arcade feel! Wonderful soundtrack to boot! Thank you for giving me a blast from the past! Oh, can't forget the wonderful character designs! Keep up the amazing work bro!!

An amazing game all around

The entirety of the game feels like a love letter sent to anyone who played any good ol' beat 'em ups back in the day. Not to mention the writing is incredibly otaku friendly, and the feel of the whole thing is just a fresh experience, despite it feeling so nostalgic. IMO its a new take on the beat em' up genre, however, its a very interesting one.

Side-scrolling button-mashing beat-'em-ups are my favorite, definitely a stress-reliever. Not to mention the characters are adorable. Keep it up guys!

this game is so fun and addictive. i'm sitting here wondering two things... when will this come to arcade consoles for that true authentic feeling and when can we use arcade sticks for this? this game is the one thing keeping me up until 5am in the morning. then i go to bed. wake up, and get right back on it. i mean i may suck at button mashing but its still an amazing game of which i will beat no matter what the cost. sad thing is i still cant reach the sound test menu to reach the level select level to at least know how many more awesome levels of pure chaos i have to go through. even if i do beat it i'm going to continue playing it. its just that type of game. once you start, you just can't stop.

I remember at one point I wanted nothing to do with this game. So I decided to pick it back up. I'm glad I did.

So there isn't much to the story. The action shines through, the characters are lovable, the soundtrack is great, and the game is actually challenging. Anyone who says it's "too hard" or "it's not good because it's cheap" have proven themselves to be a bunch of sissies. About time there was a self-published game that didn't actually hold back.

Is it crazy I've fallen for the characters? Maybe. Is it a great game, not without its hitches? Yes.

Takes some warming up, but I like it. Total recommendation. I hope for a sequel.

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