Running on an upgraded and improved version of the Infinity Engine, includes the entire Baldur's Gate adventure, the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack, and never before seen content including a new adventure, and three new party members: The Calishite Monk Rasaad yn Bashir, Neera the Wild Mage, and Dorn Il-Khan, the evil blackguard.

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Jan 17th, 2013 1 person agrees 0 people don't

An improved version of the best RPG ever made .
Brings back all the good memories

CharlieOneThree says
10 CharlieOneThree

Dec 9th, 2012 1 person agrees 0 people don't

spent 3 years off my youth on this game, exsporting is soo cheeky.

godjjjita says
10 godjjjita

Aug 30th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

the perfect game, i just want compatibility with old mods y.y

entropyadd says
10 entropyadd

Apr 30th, 2015

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metalfan7 says
10 metalfan7

Dec 28th, 2014

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killeranthony says
10 killeranthony

Nov 2nd, 2014

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MikeZero says
10 MikeZero

Jan 4th, 2013

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feillyne says
10 feillyne

Dec 30th, 2012

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