It is the distant future. Humanity have never dreamt of surviving for so long. The few hundred human beings have managed to construct Arcan Central, and hide from the outer world. From the many horrors they had to suffer. Somehow, Earth had become a barren wasteland, but no one seems to remember why did that happen. Have wars scorched our planet? Was it some kind of accident that destroyed almost any lifeform on our homeworld? The council means everything. They are the protection, the safety... they live to serve humanity. To prevent any of the council members from gaining too much power, a Controller is elected from the inhabitants. This Controller must command the Droid army, created by the Council. Arcan is a unique sci-fi turn-based strategy game, with significant RPG elements. All characters on a map have the ability to evolve, and even combine their abilities with other units. So, despite the relatively small amount of unit types, it is impossible to fight the same battle twice

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wonderful visual effects, this looks awesome.

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This gameplay video shows a map called "Wasteland", and a battle with the final units. Since not all units exist in the demo version, I also tried to show what those units are capable of, by choosing abilities such as the Healing Field (the existence of that is displayed by a green ring around the Droid Destroyer), the Nova (a weapon that immediately destroys shelds) or the Quick Learn (gives additional bonuses to attack, defense and speed, as well as an additional ability point to distribute). Enjoy the video, and give us feedback by leaving comments!

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