Based on the best videogames, AQP, The white City is the greatest game ever created on the Unreal Engine. shooting; working on the game since 2012, AQP TWC is coming for PS4, PC and VR. the team of game artists - Chevarria Arts (Arequipa - Peru)

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This isn't a trailer!! Its only 16 seconds and also the animations are really jumpy...

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Be happy you got something. This game is still being made and is an indie group is creating this so there's also that. If you are expecting a next GTA V game go look for something else.

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That doesn't exempt criticism 16 seconds video would be closest to a teaser video stop defending developers that they can do that themselves if they need too.

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I will defend them as much as I want. This trailer was just to show certain things from them moving from UE3 to UE4. I have the biggest respect for all the Indie Devs who push it as far as they can like these guys and I hate it when people criticize them even when the damn game ain't even out yet or even close.

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Jhoew_Chevarria.Dev Author

Please, we don't want conflicts on this page, the recommendations are welcome and thank you all for commenting.

Note that the game is in development stage, several things may change as the Gameplay, character, the sky and especially the textures. (the game needs to go through quality control to be completed)

It is like AQP City v0.02, the beta is a AQP City v2.0 and we need a AQP City 5.0 for a release.

We make an effort to bring news about our development because we think its right and we want. All we need to explain is in 16 seconds and includes an article on Indie DB for now.

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Please create an earthquake mission, since this is California. That would be the coolest mission ever!

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A first look to this virtual country.

AQP City offers all features of a open world game with a fully explorable huge map with forests, rivers, roads, volcanoes, mountains, beaches, villages and of course, the big city.

Genre: Action, Adventure
Style: sandbox , open world game, Indie
Developer: Chevarria Arts (Indie group)
Publisher: Chevarria Arts (Indie group) - negotiation
Release Date: TBD

Game in early stage of development, this is not the final result of the game. The character and the city are subject to change.

*the vehicles (the logos and models are property of their respective owners) in this video are being used only for demonstration, will suffer severe changes and modifications.

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