"Anna" is an adventure game designed to analyze what the player does and react around his behavior. It features three ending according to how much the character has gone deep into madness. The more you play, the more you find, but to really discover everything, you'll have to lose yourself. With the game, you'll also get the main character's notepad, giving you more insights on the plot, and the original Soundtrack.

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If you are looking for intense atmosphere in a slow-pace adventure game, this is what you should be getting.

Speed varies on your intellect and courage. Those that have experience with old style point and click games combining stuff with eachother, will probably get through this with little effort...

However, that's only for the game mechanics.
The scare mechanics are a completely different cup of tea, from randomisations to complete and utter make overs of your surroundings, something very little games share.


A must have for the freaky adventure game freak.

Great game but too short. Mostly what made it somewhat lengthy is that it's hard to figure out what to do..

You should play this!

DreamPainters (only 3 people!) made an awesome game! Beautful graphics, epic music and nice story!

Go play it NOW! :)

I enjoyed playing this game, puzzles some times were a little frustrating but somehow I beat this game in about an hour. Haven't seen anyone else pull that off yet but supposively the game has 3 different endings. Mine was not very scary at all and over very quick. I plan on playing the game again to learn about this alternate endings. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone that likes a bit of horror/puzzle solving games.

Really enjoyed this game. I wasn't expecting it to be as scary as it was during some of the scenes. The small breaks in between trying to figure out puzzles don't even allow you to remain safe as cans will startle you like none other.

Here is a link to one of my videos of Anna. Hope you enjoy! There are a few more to come so stay tuned.

Link: Youtube.com

Very Good :D

Bellissimo videogioco e bellissima storia, un pò troppo contorto e criptico negli enigmi ma per il resto un gran gioco. E soprattutto non dimentichiamoci che è completamente made in italy!

Im giving this a ten because of all the people that claimed the puzzles were "to hard" or that the game wasnt "scarey enough". Puzzle games are meant to be hard, you should welcome a challenge not complain about it. As for scarey, its not all about "boom slenderman right in your face" scarey, this is much more a game based on paranoia, it is enjoyable but you have to be open to the idea that this game isnt going to offer you advice, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO THINK. Is that really so difficult.

Loved this!

I absolutely adore horror puzzle games. And the story sucks you in right off the bat, keeping you wanting more. I'm a sucker for games with a great story line. Objects and scenery were extremely well done, as were the voices, and the atmosphere was thrilling.

I only had two issues with this game: 1- the mouse was very touchy, even with the suggestion of lowering the speed setting; 2- some of the puzzles were VERY vague as far as going about solving them (I'm ashamed to say I had to resort to cheating at two or three areas).

Otherwise, this was a fantastic game, and I would love to see more from this developer! :)

Poor controls, nothing scary outside of the odd ambiance and it seems like it requires multiple playthroughs since the first ending is nothing.

To me those are enough to turn me off of this game after one play through.

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