A fantasy game taking place in a time of darkness, the player must gather their party and defeat the Empire by siding with the Coalition, a group of rebels. Many perils stand between you and the kingdom. This game features a massive number of potential party members (Around 40), a deep storyline, many side quests, and rich bonds between characters. The gameplay is estimated at around 20 hours to complete the main storyline, with over 40 hours total. Towns develop and evolve over time in the game, specifically whent the Coalition liberates towns from the Empire. The starting town, Charlotte, grows as you progress through the storyline. Your reputation is tracked throughout the game, as it increases, people become more aware of who you are and your interactions with them can change. (Examples: quests become possible, increased aggresion from the Empire)

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That RPG Maker is sticking from every hole here. All those Japanese-like stilized figurines make me sick. And you are trying to gather money on Kickstarter for this?...
P.S. Naturally, dozens of games also are baked out of Rogue Maker and ask money for that. I'm just in a bad mood now.


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