This game is inspired by call of duty 4, MW2 and black ops. I Am Currently looking for: --------------------------- -Modelers -Mappers(don't really need one but if your good i'll take you) -Animator ----------------------------------------

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Anywhere [OLD] Engine Programmer/ Modeler/Animator/Texture Artist at Friday Arcade Night Gaming Studios(F.A.N.G.S)

engine programmer/ modeler/animator/texture artist friday arcade night gaming studios(f.a.n.g.s) anywhere programmers hello, we are currently looking for a team who'll assist us in creating our new game. we already have another game in development so we have some experience. i myself have been modelling for over 2 and a half years now and animating and texturing for 1. i have 2 years of programming experience in c++ and quakec. the new game will be made off of a custom engine and the game play will be very similar to the twisted metal series. we are looking for : engine programmers: - you must be familiar with engine programming - familiar with c/c++ and win32 programming player modeler: - must know how to model players - also must know how to model cars and weapons animator: - must know how to rig and animate weapons - must know how to animate cars texture artist: - must be able to texture weapons - must be able to texture cars i can assure you that this is not a project that will die as i have been developing my prior game for 3 year( really a year because i spent 2 years mastering programming/modelling/mapping and animating). i have a passion for my game because this is the game i have always wanted to build. please send me a message sniperz227 if you are interested.

Anywhere [OLD] Looking For a Team(Animator,Modeler,C++/C Programmer,Mapper etc..) at Friday Arcade Night Gaming Studios(F.A.N.G.S)

looking for a team(animator,modeler,c++/c programmer,mapper etc..) friday arcade night gaming studios(f.a.n.g.s) anywhere programmers i am already working on a mod but recently i've started to develop another project. for those of you who don't know i'm a c/c++/python programmer with intermediate experience. i also excel at 3d modelling a little at animating and modelling. i'm looking for a team to start a new fps game. it will be built on a custom made engine that's why i need a c/c++ programmer because i know sort of how to do it but i still need some guidance on it. i also want a team because in my previous mod i did all the work and it got frustrating and took a long time so an experienced team would be nice. if you are interested pm please.

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