The three most ferocious species in the universe in a bloodthirsty battle for the ultimate prize: survival. Take your pick: be a Colonial Marine, a Predator or an Alien. Fight through suspense-filled environments: from starships and space stations to colonial bases and eerie planetscapes. One wrong move turns you from hunter to prey.

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Still one of the best AvP games!

Still remains one of the best multiplayer shooters, even almost 16 years after the fact. Super fast, and super fun.


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This is one of the best video games of all time, hands down. Nothing before or since has matched its speed, mobility, flexibility, or intensity. Its legacy will be not necessarily as an innovative work, but as a reflection of the most refined a shooter of the golden age of shooters can be. Everything here relies solely on skill, not luck, levels, perks, or whatever gimmicks are introduced into new games. No, the graphics have not kept up with the times, although the dynamic lighting is often more realistic than in modern games, and no, the story really doesn't matter. AVP99/Gold Edition/Classic 2000 is all about fast, frenetic, and crazy gameplay, and it is well worth checking out.

I love AvP series. But the gameplay of this one is more simple than in the sequel, which I consider the best, and same goes for creepy atmosphere, so it's not my favorite part. But still the game is a must play not only for franchise fans and even considering it aged much.

Good game for its time, I don't like only its engine.

This game is a perfect experience on the AvP universe, AvP2, AvP2010, Predator Concrete Jungle, Alien Resurection and Alien Trilogy are still badass games even today, but this one is something spetial right on the pat of the pal side to side with AvP2 and Predator CJ, nothing can beat these 6 games, including this one wish is a timeless experience of horror and gameplay, but i still think that AvP2010 had a decent gameplay and graphics but a milked storyline, this game had a great storyline, average gameplay in my opinion (dosent means the gameplay is bad, its simply too fast), and the graphics are decent (allthough im not a person of graphics).

9 out of 10, deserves it.


If you are looking for the ultimaute Aliens experience look no further!
This is better than AVP 2 and AVP 2010! Don't forget to install the Redux Mod :)


Purely because the Marine campaign had me ******** myself left and right whenever the motion detector beeped.

Unlike AvP releases after the, the marine was not as fragile, and nor was the alien as deadly. Otherwise, back then everything rocked, graphics, sound, atmosphere, everything was almost perfect =]


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