A Purr Tale, a 20 minutes game where you live the life of a little cat at his home. Soon you realize that everything wasn't as well as he thought.

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This game was a tear jerker. *cry*


Wish it was longer or had more to do. but this was good for what it is. As a cat owner I found this made me feel something... it was sad thus it was good.


awesome men its really sad and insist to make a alternative ending a happy ending please but the games is awesome how the cat remember all the things remembered the cat

it's emotional for me, i loved it

Five for the story.

amazing GAme


Something different and a important topic, if the lighting is intended to flash and flicker might want to warn downloader's, could send them into a fit.

This is a game that you can take something personal away from.

I played the game, it deserves a lot of attention for what it could do with emotion...It really hit home, so hey i may be a little biased. But this game in my eyes deserves it. I have a playthrough on my youtube account, will post to comments when its done.

A+ Dev. A+.


Skatez says

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Sad, the suicidal of the owner, man **** this game


Lord-Darius says

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