7Days is an experience rather than a game. It’s divided in seven days, each with its own meaning. You must find out what is going on in the strange house where you just woke up.

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NightSshadeGaming says

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First of all I have no idea why but pixelated games seems to be the scariest... When I played the first part I was not sure whether or not to play another one, the game was good but I expected more after 4 days of impatient waiting for the release, but my audience wanted to see part two, so I made it. Hell I was so wrong about this game, it's really an amazing game! The second part of the game really impressed me for good, atmosphere was built up extremely well, the whole place was creepy and SAM was really mysterious. There are not many good indie games that are being released nowadays, I mean some of them are good but compared to the bad ones... People just get lazy, they start a game and they don't polish it in the end resulting in something bad and boring as gameplay. I believe the 4 days waiting for this game were absolutely worth it. I would wait even 7 days if I have to (no pun intended xD) But yeah, the second part of the game amazed me for good, brilliant game :)

Bloody awesome guys I loved it so much uploading part 2 now and on behalf from me and the other people who have played. THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS GAME, Been a while since ive seen a good indie horror and glad to see that this game isnt related to the Slender theme! The atmosphere was spot on. The fact that there was no music made the game have a creepy look to it. It jumpscared you a lot and most of all... it made me **** my pants!

Good job guys you deserve 10/10

Oh and in case you wanna check it out Youtu.be

An Awesome Game.

Very nice horrorgame. It was short but good.

Great game, thx.

Me encanta <3
Muy lindos sustos (?)


milliemoo08 says

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Even though I was a bit taken back by the 8-bit graphics, ths game is totally worth playing. Especially if you scare easily (like me). Chalk full of jumpscares and a creepy atmosphere you'll totally enjoy this short game :)


ggbang says

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It's seems like minecraft,lol,there are so many pixel style games in the present.But I like this kind of style.Sorry my bad english

i saw pewdiepie play this, it was great.He found a cage and named it Nickolas

Scary game love it

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