Be a paranormal investigator and explore the deadliest haunted places around the world. Join your friends and explore the unknown in 3:00am Dead Time, the ultimate cooperative horror game.

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Oct 17 2012 Anchor

I played "3 am Dead Time" tonight, and i believe the game to be strictly okay at this point.

-Concept is awesome, i love that you are faced with different phenomena, and have to run/fight your way out. It presents a changing challenge, making the game interesting, and wanting players to fight for more: new levels, new monsters, new scenarios.
-Just have a flashlight walking around = meh, it's been used before (Slender), but it's a necessity in playing a game like this where there are many different outcomes. Unlike Slender, where you know the outcomes immediately upon playing (live, get notes, die), your game is varied, making it catchy and predictable.

-Like above, the flashlight, the noises (which can be loud and repetitive sometimes), the "sudden" and "unpredictable" scares make this game good...for a beta 0.1
-This game is scary without us knowing the eventual outcome of the game. Unlike Slender, where we know a general time frame when he will most likely kill us, this game is CHANGEABLE. I love the whole concept of a changing AI.

-Whenever i ran into an alien, i got thrown into the air, and no matter how many times i tried, i could never make it to the house once signalling the UFO. It was the most frustrating experience i've had in a long time...I hope this is just a beta 0.1 issue and will be fixed in the future.

-I see loadsss of potential in this game, and am still glad i gave $5 to play its beta! Hopefully, some kinks get taken out and finalized more in the future. If so, I will play every release, including, most definitely, beta 0.2!

My Let's Play:

Oct 17 2012 Anchor

Thank you very much for your review. We are glad to see that you liked the game.

We know that Beta 0.1 has not a lot of story, and that some of the events (like the UFO in the Farm) have not much sense right now. It is mainly because Beta 0.1 is more a public test, so you can actually see the main idea behind the game. It includes a lot of things that have been changed for Beta 0.2 (not just the graphics have been improved, the main AI is a lot better now, the bugs are being fixed, the backstory is in place, we have more and better events, the sound is being improved also... it has been a very hard work,as you can see with the updates here on IndieDB).

We are also very happy to see that the beta testers like the concept of a very changeable AI. It is, in fact, the core of the game, making it very replayable.
In the next days, we will release an article with a summary of the changes made so far for Beta 0.2, which are a lot.

Again, thank you for your review, and for the bug notice (the jump while running against aliens), and be prepared for Beta 0.2!

The Irreverent Software Team.

Oct 17 2012 Anchor

I am already prepped ! ;) haha

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