Be a paranormal investigator and face the deadliest creatures in the most haunted places around the world. Join your friends and explore the unknown in 3:00am Dead Time, the ultimate cooperative horror game.

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Aug 21 2012 Anchor

Hi guys this is my first review, btw i'm italian so my english is not good, but i can try to write something about this game :D
Now i will write the things that I wish see fixed when the game will comes out :)

First of all it's an epic game, btw it's very difficoult. In the farm, when I touch the UFO, I never reach the house, I always die before, i don't know why.
I always run back dicercly to the house but i never reach it..
In the chase, it's very difficoult to pilot the jet cause my controls have some delay. When i press a directional button, the jet change direction after 3 - 5 seconds, so it's really impossible to pilot..
However i've never reached the UFO. I really don't know why you want to make a chase level in this game, cause this is an horror/mistery game, i don't understand..
And the last thing is about the arm that hold the torch. It's so necessary to show the arm? It's too big and it's very bad to see, can you just let show the torch , or maybe the hand that hold the torch, but not the arm, it's really too big..

These are all the things that I wish to see fixed when the game comes out.
The alien really scared me, and i saw the creepy shadow on the farm, thas was really epic ;)
p.s The accuracy with the gun is so low, make an "aim-mode" to increase the accuracy with guns, it would be great :D

I think this will be an epic game, if the player will be free to do what he want to do.
So let the player moves freedom, and let he go wherever he wants, it would be awesome.

Btw it's an epic game belive me, i'm happy to have made a donation to this game :) I really belive in this project, keep it up guys :D

p.s I will get the final game for free, cause i'm a donator? ^^ It would be great :D
And I've a youtube channel with 8000 Subscribers, i will make some videos if I will get the copy :)

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Aug 21 2012 Anchor

Thank you very much for your review. We are happy to see you liked the game. Btw, about the flashlight/gun perspective problems,thanks for the notice. We will change it to make it more comfortable for the next beta. About the chase level, and the dying after seeing the UFO, We know that it doesn't make sense now. Just remember that this game is about all the paranormal phenomenon, and some of them are recorded by army members, polices... This beta is more a prologue to the first case of the game. The 3:00am Research team, once in the scene, will put together all the pieces to show you that these two levels were part of a bigger and more complex story (and will be scared to the core in the process).All this will be shown on the second beta, as well as (we hope) the second investigation.

Thank you very much for your support, and feel free to share your thoughts and questions about this game.

Ps. Don't touch the UFO, and you will be able to explore all the terrain.There are other phenomenons beyond the crop field, all of them randomized.

Ps2. The jet can respond faster, if you press the spacebar. It will change the controls, and you will be able to drive the plane with the mouse, which is simpler, and faster.

Favij wrote: p.s I will get the final game for free, cause i'm a donator? ^^ It would be great :D
And I've a youtube channel with 8000 Subscribers, i will make some videos if I will get the copy :)

Of course you will! Every single funder, starting from 5 dollars, will receive every and each beta, as well as the final game once it is released. It is included with your fund. Once the game is launched next year, you will receive the full version of the game for free, and will be included on the game credits as a funder. And we would be very happy to see videos about our game in your channel :D.

Thanks for asking, and we hope this will solve your question.

Ps. If you fund 10 dollars, you will also receive the official guide of the game, and with 20, the interactive gallery of the Area 51. Every funder will receive the game and the betas.

The Irreverent Software Team.

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Aug 21 2012 Anchor

Thanks for your answers! :D Keep it up, this is an epic project :D

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