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Apr 11 2017 Anchor

I've been working for a zombie survival game for a while, is side scroller and online multiplayer. It doesn't have a name yet... posibly "The Last Survivor" but I'm not sure. I need ideas from you guys! :D


Apr 13 2017 Anchor

You need to specify the unique content of your game ... or at least just tell more about your game

"The Last Survivor" but I'm not sure

For single player game, that's a good title but for online multiplayer, it gives me wrong impression i.e players must kill each other to survive instead of killing zombies

Apr 13 2017 Anchor

The game is online multiplayer in wich the players work together to defeat the hordes of zombies and survive as long as they can. There will be diferent types of zombies with unique habilities, and diferent types of weapons too. I'm planning to add vehicles and items such as potions with diferent effects.

I agree, maybe "The Last Survivor" sounds like a competition between players, when there's no competition.

Apr 13 2017 Anchor

The rotten feast!


Apr 13 2017 Anchor

I'd like to have diferent options and compare them. "The rotten feast!" sounds kinda cool :D and that's definitely an option, thank you!

Apr 18 2017 Anchor


-Dead Deader Gone


-No guts? No gore

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