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Dec 10 2012 Anchor

Hello everybody,
My name is Alireza and I'm totally new here, I'm one of the members of CryDev and a CryENGINE 3 user.
The reason for me being here is that I want to hear the voice of players, Fans and usual people, Your thoughts about the maps you like to play, The style, The object placement, Environment, Atmosphere or whatever is related to level design. I do receive a lot of feedbacks from CryDev but I believe those feedbacks are from the visions of developers, all professional developers there not end-user people.

Trying to improve my skills to serve people and make them happy at the best I can, So please share your opinions on the screens I post, That's decent of you.
(Thread will get updated with a new screenshot after I get a good amount of feedbacks on every image)

"In the end I should say if theres anything wrong with this thread please let me know to fix it before it gets close" Haven't read the rules yet :D

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Dec 14 2012 Anchor

looks good

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Jan 9 2013 Anchor

Sweet. Love all the vegetation and colors. Although I would make more of a transition between the beach and the woods if I was you. Maybe less bushes and grass towards the sand. Make it blend a little, if you know what I mean.


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Jan 9 2013 Anchor

Sure, Thanks.

Jan 10 2013 Anchor

As stated before, the transition could be a little bit more varied, but other than that....well, it looks very good already.
Could you tell me for how long your're already working with the CryEngine and how long this took you?


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Jan 23 2013 Anchor

Thanks everybody,

@Anchor, Its about a year with CE3, and this scene was sth between 10-15 minutes.

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