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Feb 4 2013 Anchor

Alright, so I've had this "Worlds" Idea floating around for a few years, and I thought "Hey, this would make a good SoaSE mod!"

Worlds is a alternate Earth history/Sci-Fi universe. So far there are 3 "Allies" and 2 "Axis" country's.

The United Systems (Descendants of Earth. This empire is also shared with another alien race called the Sarithians.) Allies
The Republic of Entaras (Humanoid aliens, large and war like race.) Allies
The Kingdom of Altopia (Basically space elves.) Allies
The Delvinyeh Empire (Look very similar to Altopians, but minus the pointed ears.) Axis
The Phosforites (A christal bassed life form with one desire, to consume.) Axis

So far I only have some concept work doodle done for this, and I'm no good at programing or modelling or anyhting like that. So if any one would be interested in helping me on this that would be great! And I don't care how long it take to make it, as long as I'm finally doing something with Worlds.

If you want to know more about Worlds or want to help work on the mod. Skype me @ sargequin

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