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Yuki.Kix Concept Artist
May 17 2013 Anchor

okay, i've given myself a rather difficult concept to explain here...

how do you, personally, measure the the overall wellness of the human race? as in how well off we are, as a race. Usually, when an event takes place, we judge if it is a good/bad event, based on its effects. For you, personally, what kind of effects would have us better off, and what kind of effects would make us less?

I have an independent research project coming up, and i'm pondering how I'm going to decide whether a certain turn of events in history was good/bad. I already know my own personal definition, but I thought it'd be good to hear what other people think as well.

May 18 2013 Anchor

Two things to say: relativity applies to morality and what-ifs are an exercise in bullshit.

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Yuki.Kix Concept Artist
May 18 2013 Anchor

moral relativity is why im trying to hear out what others think. and im going to choose a topic i find interesting, whether its bullshit or not :p

May 24 2013 Anchor

morally my idea of good and bad is linked to happyness.
What makes me happy is to me personally a good thing the problem of course is im not the only person in the world that matters.
So others happyness matters as well, perhaps because they will make me happy or take this feeling a twist it to sadness diminishing the once great value.
Truthfully good evil is supposed to be more complicated... personally i believe its simple :

makes more people happy = good.
makes more people unhappy = evil.

The only probelm of course is that I like most other people consider my happy feelings to be dependent on others also being happy.
if your not happy im not happy then whos happy ?
One could call the pursuit of happyness in itself evil... but whys that does it make them happy to say such things ?
Perhaps its due to fear.. or simply those people who chose to do nasty things in order to feel happy.
Its a perplexing issue and one that can be defined more clearly
your happyness must not remove others happyness.
If it does then balance is required or evil has occured,

in fact the issue of balance is also a lesser evil but evil none the less.

modding for free seems a happy excersie that benifits all... unless its costing more people thier personal happyness then it gives others.
-the makers of the mod
-the makers of other games or that game in associated costs like servers ,depreciation and staffing.
-players that didnt enjoy the new experience

out of all this theres plenty of mods around.. so perhaps some fun and happyness is being made thus its in essence good .

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
May 24 2013 Anchor

When my mother-in-law dies,I will be happy. I know that's morally wrong,but at least it's honest. BTW, she feels the same about me,so I'd call that fair. :evil:


"sweet"  little old lady

May 25 2013 Anchor

I'm not 100% sure if I understand the question right but...

If you are asking about a human race, as a spieces, I would say that we are rather bad one. It would be hard to find any other species doing so much destruction in its environment (in any way you can understand that word), that is not crucial for survival.

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