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Oct 12 2012 Anchor

Hey, i'm CombineA and i'm a bit new to the forums. :nervous:

Anywho, I would appreciate it if you (the community) could give me some advice on what good names a Multiplayer Source mod could use. I'm currently working on a mod myself, and I was also wondering what you would like to see in a multiplayer-type mod.

Thanks, and feel free to PM me!

Dec 10 2012 Anchor

Slender multiplayer one person plays as slender man another plays as the victim.

Dec 10 2012 Anchor

Good names? Depends on what your mod is about. Any more info?
And id like to see.. an fps horror game with creatures that are not slenderman. Something like cry of fear, but better :D

Dec 11 2012 Anchor

I would like to see a co op s.c.p game where you have to get out of there base of operations when a breach happens using a combination of solving puzzles and shooting monsters to escape it would be up to 4 players that would be epic.

Dec 16 2012 Anchor

Hmm... a co-op SCP game? That sounds like a pretty good idea. Nice thinking!

That's a splendid idea, Gabbawocke! I'm honestly not too skilled with custom modelling, though. I've been having several buddies of mine get into that, but i'm not making any promises. However, I will soon release more details for my multiplayer mod - especially more media. I haven't spent as much time on as I used to. Like most other developers, even I tend to have my own personal life to attend to :carefree:

Anyway, thank you for sharing your awesome ideas. Not sure when this peculiar mod will be released. By far, I can tell you that you will definitely be surprised when it is.

-- CombineA37216

Dec 18 2012 Anchor

Can't wait

Dec 25 2012 Anchor

MP mods are waste of time unless they are really original and worth getting standalone... I mean no player base is no players... Even Fire Arms Source has no player base and it's pretty good.

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