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Jun 1 2013 Anchor

To experienced/highly experienced/veteran mappers:I need some help here.

So today is when I began experiencing problems.
What happened is my map (which is quite big) had all the stuff in it: Fog with Far Z clip enabled, func_smokevolumes around the entire map, blinking lights and very dark atmosphere (light_environment is pretty much... it doesn't exist, let's say it like that brightness on 3 is nothing).
So what exactly happened?
We all know leaks. We all know weird bugs and stuff.

I decided to change some stuff.
I had a separate blocky room as a spawnpoint that would teleport the player after a sequence happened. So what I did there before was I placed a figure of slender man (don't ask, that's just for a Gmod gamemode currently in WIP) made of "block light" texture to block the light coming from behind him (a wall with texture light005) to cast his shadow.
Then I changed lights in a house in the map to blink randomly, dependently on the logic_timer that I placed. I had only 1 light blinking before, I added +17 of them (as in for the entire building).

Finally, I removed Far Z Clip (I just call it "Z render") for some reasons.

What happened?

1) The water disappeared as if there was a leak. There wasn't. Even compile log didn't give any significant errors.
2) the smoke volumes are bugged and appear only in 1 part of the map, around in the middle of it all being stacked.
4) Due to most of the lag (I think at least), the vision of the trees (in the forest that I'm in) just disappears. THEY RANDOMLY DISAPPEAR. Technically, all props disappear. It really looks like if there was a badly placed hint/skip or an areaportal that hides them all at the same time, but there wasn't.

What I tried to do:
1- Check compile log, checked it using interlopers website also. Was totally fine.
2- Remove smoke volumes. Same result, just without them.
3- Re-Add Z render (with bigger range, however). Nope.
4- Remove some of my hints/skips that I placed before. Nah, nothing changed.

Compile options:
Was always -fast vvis (worked completely fine)
Was always -final/normal vrad with $HDR enabled.
Engine: Source 2009 - Half-Life 2.
So yeah, if there are any mappes who could help with this - I would appreciate your help!
-Mr. Darkness

User Posted Image
How it happens if I look a little bit to the right:
User Posted Image

That happens in 1 area. Weird shit.

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Jun 2 2013 Anchor

Disable the netgraph, then use the "Showbudget panel" to see what kind of work the game gives your computer.
Check in various working areas and compare to the problematic one. This might help to get a rough idea what's going wrong.
Tutorial here


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