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Jun 29 2013 Anchor

So, first let me say that the publishing tools for Desura are great. Compared to every other distributor I've worked with, you guys have got it dialed in... that said -- after updating my game many times here, I have a small complaint and suggestion for how to make it better.

When I release a new version of my game, I have to upload the new version to IndieDB/Desura 18 times. Yes, 18 times. The legwork involved here takes several hours, and could be reduced if we had the ability in the to clone/copy releases across sites and branches. Here's my current workflow when releasing to Desura:

4 "Demo" uploads to IndieDB (Windows, Mac, Linux32, Linux64)
4 "Demo" uploads to Desura (Same bits as were shipped to IndieDB)
4 "Full" uploads (Again, the exact same bits -- players unlock the demo by entering a serial)
2 Windows MCF packages (Each identical, one flagged as "Demo" and one "Full")
2 Linux32 MCF packages (Again, identical)

2 Linux64 MCF packages (Again, identical)
18 Total

If we could clone the standalone and packaged releases across branches, as well as copy releases to/from IndieDB, this could be cut to 7 uploads and could save lots of people some time, I'd imagine. Easier said than done, I know, just thought I'd get this suggestion out there for consideration (while my game uploads, again.)


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Jun 30 2013 Anchor

Email since we can actually do this for you easily enough.


Jul 1 2013 Anchor

You guys rule. Will hit you up next time we do a release.

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