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Dec 18 2012 Anchor

I'm a co-founder and game designer for Guerilla Tea. We have been a little slow to join the IndieDB community due to being involved with a variety of contract based projects, but we are looking to revisit some of our earlier work in the new year.

Our first original IP release was a puzzle game called The Quest. The core mechanic was heavily inspired by the Rubik's Cube, where players manipulate a cube world in order to move the character, Steve, to the goal (The Holy Grail).

The game has been out since April, and I'd basically like to publicise it on this site. It was well received academically (it started life as a student project), but didn't do quite so well once it was released to the world... There are a number of design and retention issues which we'll admit to, but we are looking to return to it for re-working & expansion with a potential re-release. I'd be interested to hear any feedback/thoughts/suggestions.

The premium version is available on iOS and Android:
The Quest iPhone
The Quest Android
There is also a free version available on Kongregate and more recently iPhone.
The Quest: The Beginning - Kongregate
The Quest: The Beginning iPhone

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