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lancer611 Professional Software Developer
Jan 4 2013 Anchor

Check it out: The basic idea is that your smart phone is your controller, and any screen you have that can display a browser is your console. Ie your computer, or your computer plugged into your tv, or another smart phone or tablet plugged into the tv via hdmi. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a console and controllers, when you (probably) already have everything you need for the console experience? All you have to buy is the game(s) you want to play.

The coolest thing about this idea is that it is very flexible. Want to have some friends over to game with you in your living room? No problem, they bring their own controller. Like the idea of a high end single player game with a motion sensing controller? No problem, just play at your computer desk.

My reason for posting this is two-fold. One, I think its an awesome idea and that the indie community should be aware of it. And two, I want to make a game leveraging this technology.

I created this mobile game in about a month (part-time), and I can do the same again. I've been playing around with a lot of ideas of what type of game to make using brass monkey, and I'll start posting them once they are more concrete. The only certain thing is that I want make something that is 2.5d or 3d. Feel free to make any suggestions.

As for the artwork, I can create most of a game using free assets, but eventually I would need to replace them with custom, quality artwork. This is not to say that I am actively looking for artists, but if you are capable and interested in helping, let me know.

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