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Nov 9 2012, 6:17pm Anchor

The Factory- A UDK CTF Level

Hey Everyone,
The Factory was built around a modified shock rifle that I edited as a prototype for a class. The primary now behaves more like a machine gun, the secondary blast propels the player in the air. I built The Factory around this gun. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Nov 17 2012, 12:18am Anchor

Really great work man... so well made this must have taken weeks,

Some of the spaces look a little too empty.. which may actually be due to the fact you dont want massive lag...perhaps you could add in some trash to portions like a little piece of paper here a oil stain there kinda thing...
Also something which im not sure would even work very well but ill suggest it anyway.. a mover platform to link with the lower picture to say some horizontal aligned oppisite side opening up some platform fighting styles.. looks like yoiu could actually squeeze in about 3-7 moving platforms into well as a lift or two.
The forcefields really look good and it looks like a great place to test out new weapons.


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Nov 25 2012, 11:57pm Anchor

Thanks The_splat. The grate in the bottom picture does open when a platform is stepped on. It's really lacking in decals and objects that make the space look lived in because I was already behind my deadline by quite a bit, and really just wanted to finish it so i could start a new map.

Dec 20 2012, 3:57pm Anchor

This looks great!

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