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Jul 26 2013 Anchor

would it be possible to build a mod:where all of the elder scrolls games are in the same world.where; what you do , as the main character. effects the history and lore of the other time periods.and because of the long lived nature of the characters .make it where, you can be living as the hero/or great evil,throughout all of the games,and be able to revisit.all the locations and surviving npcs .instead of that part of the world ,being only spoke of by npcs/sailors/caravans as existing but not accessible, by you. i know it would be a huge under taking .but i know the fans of the series of games.would take to it like crackheads.and just maybe, become high king,then emperor .before your story is done. thanks for reading this::D

Jul 26 2013 Anchor

Is it possible? Yes, probably it is. Is it realistic to create such a mod? I very much doubt it.

I believe there are a few mod projects out there trying to recreate Morrowind in Oblivion and such, but as far as I know such projects haven't seen a release yet and they probably never will because, like you said, it's a huge (and I mean HUGE with fontsize 72) undertaking. I'm saying this without having a source though, I can't remember the names of those mods so I can't look it up.

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