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Aug 16 2013 Anchor

Hey everybody, this is my first post , so go easy on me. :| So I am a terrain designer in my small indie game development group Epic Toast interactive, and I really liked how they created the terrain in the might and magic games , particularly MM7 : for blood and honor , and I wanted to try to make my terrain in the style that they did. Since I know nothing about how they did it, making the terrain is like trying to build a space ship just by looking at it.... However, with a bit of patience, I came to the conclusion that they used some sort of tile system, so I tried making a bunch of 32x32 tiles and applying them to a 32 tile wide and 32 tile long 2D grid using Microsoft paint (because it was easy to copy/paste quickly on it...) and then UV mapping the picture onto a blender model. But that is almost definitely not how they did it.... Any advice?

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