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Oct 7 2013 Anchor

Hi guys. I am a young English composer looking to gain experience in the music industry. I have written music for a couple of short films and theatre productions in the past couple of years, and now would like to try my hand at writing for video games.

I recently wrote this swashbuckling adventure theme just for fun, and a few people said it would sound good as the soundtrack for a game. Please have a listen

If you would like to listen to any more of my music here's a link to my youtube page

Any thoughts, criticisms or advice you can give me would be most welcomed. I can write for a number of different genres, and i'm eager to learn more about the industry and develop my craft further if given the opportunity.

Thanks for your time


Oct 10 2013 Anchor

Definitely a cool sounding track.

just from my personal experience its hard to find a job composing by posting in these kinds of forums cause there's so much competition especially with people saying they can compose for free nearly every day. My advice would be to go directly to a developer and show them your music or if the game is early in development make a quick mock-up track specifically for the kind of game they're working on and say "I made this quick track showing the kind of style I could do for your game" and offer to finish it if they like what they hear. Both times I was able to compose for a game was in that way. If you make something specific for a person most would at least listen to what you have and perhaps offer you an opportunity. Maybe it would work for you too.

Good luck my brother.

Oct 12 2013 Anchor

Thank you. I really appreciate the advice you've given and will definitely look into getting in contact with some game developers.


Oct 13 2013 Anchor

I agree with Bahlof. Have you looked at TigSource forums in the Devlogs? If not check them out. I am a new composer and managed to pick up 4 projects from Tig and this website in 2 months or so. PM the devs and give them links to your music.

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