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Sep 6 2017 Anchor

Hello everyone !

I'll will be working on my personal projects for a year at least. My goal is to release a game and an album before this deadline.

I am :

- A former game designer by degree (3 years)

- Half a programer (i did only 2/4 years)

- Semi self-taught graphist (during my formation as a game designer and afterward)

- Basic 2D animator (i took drawing and 2d animation evening classes)

- Self-taught music composer/producer (my soundcloud but i didn't post for a while now)

My game is already advanced because i've been working on it now and then for a year already, but it's far from over. It's a small scale game, 1 room, 1 character, maybe less than two hours long, don't think i'll sell it for more than 2 euros.

I use :

- Unity as game engine

- Adobe illustrator/photoshop for the graphics

- Spriter pro for the animations

- Ableton live for the music

I'm looking for every advice i can get from you guys, feel free to share your experience with me and talk about how you started working on your own projects and how it ended up. I'm actually kinda confident for the game itself. My biggest fear is communication. I'm really not a natural to the process and i'm not confident in getting my game noticed once it's done. I'm really looking forward advices on this matter.

I posted a similar topic on reddit and i've been adviced to start communication right now, to build a community up before the release of the game, which make sense. But how should i properly do that since i don't have much more than a concept and some screenshots/arts to show the world.
Should i get to people like "i have this game about this theme with those artworks, share it if you find it intresting" ? Seems a bit thin to me but i might be wrong. Tell me what you think !

Thanks in advance and have a nice day !

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