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Jun 24 2013 Anchor

Dear Reader,

Nice to meet you! I am Sovarozum, or Stephon! Either one is fine with me. I am an experienced music composer that is looking for a bit of extra work with video games and other projects! I work under 3 basic tenets!

To immerse the audience within the project!
-For instance, sure I can make a spooky song for a game, but would it fit perfectly? My goal is to create sounds and audio that sometimes is not limited to music, but can be attributed to the project as a whole to give the player/audience the feeling of the protagonist (or capture the mood of the game!)

To remain open-minded and versatile!
-Ask anyone on the internet that knows me, I'm as random as they come! I can guarantee that the sound you'll get from me will not only be completely fresh and original, but also easy to relate to. This way, the listener won't feel lost or confused when hearing certain music or sounds.

To have fun and a creative time!
-Like most musicians, I'm a can of ideas ready to be popped open! I know deadlines and projects can be stressful, but if this wasn't fun for me to do, I wouldn't be doing it! I love challenges >:D especially overcoming them. I'm dependable and communicative too, so my creativity and ideas can go both ways.

As far as funds go, I'm actually content with a few jobs and projects I have lined up, but I want to help a new dev or person make the next big game (or at least start to)! So I don't mind payment, but as of now I won't ask for any! And for anyone thinking about making a game or reading this (or even other composers that want to exchange ideas or collaborate) , feel free to shoot me an email or PM me, I'd love to chat. Hope to make music for you guys soon!

Thanks everyone!

Facebook: Sovarozum
twitter: @sovarozum
(I'll update my thread with some links after the 7 day time period :P, but you can find me on Soundcloud and Bandcamp under this name as well!)

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