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Jun 1 2013, 9:43am Anchor

I recently bought the groupees bundle #8 and There are some games that I'm not interested in. Grab what you like, but be sure to post a comment stating which you grabbed so others don't waste their time trying them.
Here are the keys for use in desura :

Fairy Bloom Fresia (PC)
1FD9-104F-1F4D-14CF-11BD (Desura)

Paranautical Activity (apparently all OS's)

Radical Roach (PC)

Constant C (PC)

Guncraft (PC)

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Jun 1 2013, 11:03am Anchor

Hey man, got the paranautical activity key! Thanks so much!

Heres a steam key to little inferno to who ever wants it: RL70Z-LPGVC-M32Q4


Someone wrote:Her?

Jun 1 2013, 1:56pm Anchor

Cheers figalot, thats a perfect game to play during lunch at work. Claiming 'Little Inferno'

Jun 1 2013, 2:07pm Anchor

Took the Constant C Key, thanks so much! :)

Jun 1 2013, 8:33pm Anchor

hey, just wanted to point out that the guncraft key has been used, claimed "Fairy Bloom Fresia" for steam! thx ^^

Jun 1 2013, 9:12pm Anchor

Thanks, Duck.

Jun 1 2013, 11:31pm Anchor

I grabbed the Desura vers. of Fairy Bloom

Jun 9 2013, 4:30pm Anchor

Someone has already claimed the Radical Roach game.

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