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Sep 22 2012 Anchor

I have come up with a basic idea for a source engine game, very basic story. featuring small maps, a few characters, a few type of weapons and many ideas for some play abilities and different types of game play.

The idea behind it is that I personally am developing a demo reel/folio for future job prospects in the industry. Because of that I am bring my skills and my best efforts to a small based source engine mod for a demo reel. I am look for other interested mappers,texture artists, modelers and programmers with the same passion and drive as me to complete such as task.

Personally I have extensive experience is source mapping, texturing, concept art and 3d modeling. You are welcome to check out my profile for some of my work.

I know enough about the industry to know that 'finished work' is 'everything' to companies as well as indie developers!

Anyone interested in is this project please let me know.


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