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Aug 22 2017 Anchor

Dear fellows,

I need help with running my most favorite game of all times - Blade of Darkness.

I used to be with Windows 7 but now I am with Windows 10.

I tried reinstalling but won't work. Is there any raster addon for Windows 10?

I would be the happiest if someone helps with this thing.

Blade of Darkness is the best game ever and I used to mod it myself last year but I am with tied hands now. I've completed this game more than 150-160 times and I am still keen on it. Please help!

P.S. You can find me at


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Jan 2 2018 Anchor

IT WORKS! Finally Blade of Darkness works!

I've played the demo multiple times in 2001. I later bought the full game, but never got it running under Windows XP or Windows 7.
Tree days ago I have found this page and TheISOZone, pointing out it should run under Windows 7 and the first edition of Windows 10.

The changes made under Windows 10-1709 are:
- Activated "DirectPlay" through: Settings / Apps / Programs and Features / Turn Windows features on or off / Legacy Components
- Updated the game to v1.001
- Installed rOpenGL - Set it to 1920x1200a60fps
- Installed BOD Mod Loader
- Installed FogFix v1.2 by Dan Morris (Sir Random)
- Changed Game-folder rights to allow changes by users
- Set compatibility mode for all users: Windows Vista (SP0) / Override high DPI scaling behavior to Application / Disable fullscreen optimizations / Run this program as an administrator

17 years after I bought the game I can now play it for the first time, thanks to this page.
Thank You very much.

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