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Jun 4 2008 Anchor

OFFTOPIC: I wasn't sure where to put this topic, which I can't really find a place to put this in here, so, sorry if I put this topic is in the wrong place, and I don't mind it being moved.

I would like to present you an album I made called Rocking Fortress which is an album that contains 15 songs (including 2 bonus songs) which most of them are remixes using Team Fortress 2's Vocal Sounds, while others are just original songs I made for fun.

Song List:
01 Rocking Fortress
02 kA BoOm Part 1
03 kA BoOm Part 2
04 I'm Drunk
05 AnA HaNa Ha ! Part 1
06 AnA HaNa Ha ! Part 2
07 Go !
08 kA BoOm Org.V
09 End Credits
10 Still Alive(TF2)
11 It's Down !
12 As Bullet As Fire
13 T.O.P (The Original Part)
14 Of Doom (Feat. Dinoracha)
15 Super Mario World - Overworld Remix

Album Cover:
Back Cover:

I hope you like it,
and don't forget to comment and rate this album, if you can, spread this album as much as possible as I worked really hard on it and I made it just so people will enjoy this album.

Ok, and now, LINKS:

Sample Pack (Contains ONLY the songs: kA BoOm part 1 and 2):

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