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Feb 15 2013 Anchor

Could lua be used for a professional full scale game? No C++ engine or anything just pure lua and a graphical framework such as shiva.

lancer611 Professional Software Developer
Feb 15 2013 Anchor

I do not believe so, not without a lot of work anyway. Look here: Essentially, you need to bind lua to another fully functional language, develop w/e functionality you want with that language, and then add the appropriate hooks so that lua can use/call that code.

There are several good engines out there that you can use lua to code the whole game. Here is a article that mentions most of them: One that it doesn't mention, which I actually like better than all of those, is the newer gameplay3d engine.

Hope all this helps.

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Feb 15 2013 Anchor

No what I meant was the lua language itself. Could it be used to make a large-scale game. Obviously lua is still connected to C.

Like if I use LOVE with Lua is that good enough to make a full large scale game with only those things?

Feb 17 2013 Anchor

"No what I meant was the lua language itself"

No, because Lua is technically a scripting language. It's compiled alongside whatever language is running it. So, I'd check out the link above. I've used Corona, and I like it. Moai is nice, but not well-documented.

As for the scope, you're only limited to whatever you do with it. If you want to make a large-scale game, you can do it.

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