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Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Project sweat is a 2D ARPG to be released on Windows, Mac & Linux. The game aims to perfectly blend an addictive, challenging & fast pace combat system in a seamless multi-layered environment, with every single piece of content in the game being sprites. We're giving you 3 truly unique characters to play with in this beautiful world, and when we say unique, we mean it, each character will have its own play style, reminiscent of different game titles and genres.

The females concepts are currently blacked out as we're giving you our supporters the ability to influence their design and play.

For those interested in the game, more details are below (copied from our kickstarter page which has just launched), for those who just wanna help out, I'm grateful.

What are the influences?
The game mainly draws influence from the following titles

Ninja Gaiden: Black & Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (Combat system)
Suikoden 1-2 & Chrono Cross (RPG elements & customisability)

There are of course many other games from various other platforms and media such as 'Super Ghouls & Ghost' & 'Final Fight'. The art style is heavily influenced by Hyung Tae Kim, known for his works on 'Magna Carta' & 'Blade & Soul'.

What's the combat like?
This is Not a game where you can mindlessly mash buttons to survive, the combat will be based on a high risk high reward formula. You will have 2 attack buttons; fast & strong. The enemies will charge at you from all directions and try to attack you from varying ranges in different styles & have resistance to specific attacks from certain angles; reactions really pay off to be the most effective killer. In a nutshell, the gameplay is what you will get if you were to put Ninja Gaiden: Black on a 2D plane.

A base zoomed out outline of one of the levels in its early stages.

With only 2 attack buttons you'd think we'd simply alter speed, strength, defence and range. That would make them unique amongst each other, but it's still not good enough. So here's the deal
• Each Character gains a unique boost when played at certain times, for example, the mage may have a raised attack stat at night if you decided to customize her to being a dark mage.
• The male/warrior of the game is a balanced character focusing on close combat. Utilising Dash cancels in nearly all animations. Always aiming to close the distance to be in a position where he's most dangerous - in their faces.
• One of the females is the 'ranger' focusing on speed and ranged attacks to keep enemies at a distance.
• The last is a fully customisable mage, you create her combos, decide what speed, power and magic she uses. You can have a pure fire mage, or mix and match from a vast amount of magical attacks in her very own skill chart to create a combo string which suits you best.

We wanted our sprites to have the animation fluidity of Street Fighter 3 & the visual impact of King of Fighters XIII. We decided to reject the flash & IK animation methods which breaks sprites up into pieces & manipulates them like a puppet. We want quality, but we will not sacrifice any of it for shortcuts, we want you to be able to pause at any time during any animation and see a perfect piece of art in everything we put in this game. This is a colossal task as the game will include 3 playable characters and an enormous amount of NPCs, creatures and bosses, each with a Huge amount of highly detailed sprites to keep the animation fluid.

Here is an example of a turn animation that's half complete
First Revealed Content

Think that's enough to separate us from the rest?...course not, Here's what will- Asymmetrical Designs; many sprites in games limit themselves to symmetrical designs to half the workload needed as they can flip the characters left and right. We're removing that limit, throwing that away along with that thing we call 'sleep'

First Revealed Content

Work on a Level that views part of the world.

Level Concept (This one will be pretty sick) ^^

One of the enemies that will be in the game.

In Game Screenshot, Pre-Alpha Version

The game will have a hometown which you will frequent, filled with shops, armory, inns etc. Heading outside of this town, you have a huge amount of areas to go to, the aim is to get stronger, clear levels, complete challenges & quests, and work your way up to killing bosses which plague the land. pretty standard so far? you level up by gaining enough EXP from killing enemies and completing quests, after completing a don't Regenerate your health. You have a choice, return to town and heal OR challenge the next area gaining more EXP than usual. Your character carries a very limited amount of items so you can't rely on that or on enemy drops, just your skills. Should you choose to go back to town, there are a few options; purchase healing items instead of saving up for that legendary weapon you saw, or heal at the inn (which has a sauna =] ). If you go for this option to recover, it uses the game internal clock, and slowly regenerates your characters health, here normally you'd have no choice but to go make a drink or something to pass the time; no- whilst you're resting in the inn or recovering in the open air hotspring, you can go explore with the other playable characters who may already be in the hotspring with you with full health after recovering from the injuries they sustained the last time you used them. You're managing ALL 3 characters (as if they were pokemon?...) and each will be needed to help obtain rare equipment and items for the other characters via quests.

Game Over?
Should your health reach 0 during a stage, you'll lose all your current EXP & we'll try appeal to that gambler side of yours. Give up this stage, and end up at the inn with maybe a missing item and fewer gold, Or... Get up off your knees and keep going, you'll be given a small amount of life to try again, but if you go down again, you'll lose more exp; What will you do?...

Thank You
We would like to thank you for taking the time to view our brief look on project & helping us with your pledges, comments & suggestions. If you aren't able to back our project or pledge but still want to help complete this game for everyone (We hope you can, no matter how small the amount may be, the support on its own shown from you makes a huge difference) then sharing this page with your friends and family would be wonderful too. Also sharing and liking the projects Facebook page, you could even talk to the members should you wish to ask anything not covered on our kickstarter page.

More Information regarding features, Stretch goals, aspirations, current updates to come once or kickstarter page is up. (which is really soon!)

"Ok, it's not a huge thing, but when making my 'dream game' I can't thank everyone/everything which influenced decisions enough, but one way I thought of doing so is to pay tribute to things that have affected my life so far. One of the things (and the reason I got into fighting games) is the infamous video of Daigo Vs Justin at evo '04. as a tribute to that particular event, the game will have an achievement like feature, where if you say defeat a miniboss with 1hp, you unlock an item etc and the achievement title 'Lets Go Justin!' " -Steven L-a "JNXC"-

"All in all this is our pet peeve, the thing we live and breath day in and day out, working on this and sleeping the minimum we must to continue getting this game under way is our thanks to all the games that we have experienced through our lives as gamers so far, this will be one of many games to come, and as our first game to you guys we intend to make it one you will remember! <(^-^)>" -Mikaël T.J Hernandez "Siniestrum"-

Edited by: Siniestrum

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

This all looks and sounds great. I hope Project Sweat is only a working title and not the final name of the game though...

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Yes it is very much a working title. =)

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