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Sep 2 2013 Anchor

Hi Indiegamers,

This is a bit off-topic from everything, so I hope it'll find a home and a little support here.

I'm an average, reasonably grown-up gamer who, after over-doing the whiskey one night (and stubbornly refusing to admit that I might have made a stupid decision), decided to try and unlock 100% of Enemy Unknown's achievements. The trouble is that I don't have much time on my hands these days. I have a full time-job and several part-time projects - it's a good week if I find ten hours for games.

My second mistake was that I launched ("for a laugh") a series of fortnightly journals, tracking my progress and opening up discussion points around the game.

I've had some pretty good reactions so far, but I'm still trying to get the series off the ground. I'd appreciate it anyone has the time for a look and a read. An interest in XCOM is helpful, but I hope to make the journal entertaining for all readers (there's a swear word in the most recent part to give it some mainstream appeal - next week I think I'll add a picture of a cat).

The critically un-acclaimed first part is online here. The most recent third chapter, in which I try to insinuate a borderline socialist agenda, has just gone online this evening.

Many thanks, and I hope you enjoy the read!

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