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Sep 12 2012 Anchor

Hi guys!
I'm new around here, I've just registered today so it's time for me to present myself. My name is Michel, I am developing an RPG game (Memories of A Vagabond) for PC. For those that are big fans of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III, you'll probably like the game a lot. We're currently a small team of 6 developers and we're on our 4th year of production. Hopefully, we'll be releasing it in a couple of months! If you guys would like to give it a shot, there's a playable demo, a trailer, the soundtrack and some screenshots available on on the website! Your feedback will be more than appreciated! 8)

I'll take the time to make some contacts and share ideas with the people here. I'll keep you posted about our project and I'm also curious to see how yours look like too! This community looks awesome and plenty of resources. See you soon guys, and thanks a lot for your time!

Download the Demo:

Gameplay Video:

Title Screen:
Title Screen

Happy Playing!

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Sep 14 2012 Anchor

Michel, I'm excited to see your game video and more progress work, I googled the game and watched some of the game play videos, looks very fun! I really enjoy the old school pixel art, very happy seeing more pixel based gaming.

Oct 9 2012 Anchor

Here we go:
The new trailer, a screenshot and the official website where to grab the demo! :thumbup:

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