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May 8 2013 Anchor

I have been playing Victoria 2 for some time and have decided to make a mod. This mod will completely change the whole of the world in-game. Note that this is still in the pre-development phase and things might drastically change.

Current Ideas:
New Empire: Sectilian Empire
The Sectilian Empire will be as a result of a random alien invasion and will start either in Europe, U.S.A., or Asia (not decided yet)

New World Power: The United Comunist States of Australia
Australia will be a communist empire and become a world power. It wont be english controlled at start and will be a world power at start.

New Form of Government: Sevastianism
Slave based government taking ideals of communism ( reworked communism)

New Empire: Sevastia
Sevastia is an empire around the northern area of europe around the holstein area (still under conceptual development)

I am open to fan suggestions, as the mod is for the players and they should have something to do with the mod development.

I am looking for a finished mod around summer 2013

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