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Jan 26 2013 Anchor

First off I'm not a modder, but I feel like a Modder team would like this idea (as a first project?), because it should be simple to realize in comparison to other mods I've seen here.

After watching gameplay videos of the "Hunter Mode" of Crysis 3, I was pretty disappointed, because it was too fast and too focused on action, but I liked the overall idea, since I'm a fan of the movies Predator and Hollow Man.

There are two fractions: invisible and survivors.

The game starts with one invisible and 5 Survivors, the longer the
survivor survives the more points he gets, when a survivor dies he
becomes one of the Invisibles.

- The Invisibles are completely invisible when they are sneaking or standing still.
- After they ran for a few minutes you can hear them breathing (or hear their heartbeat)
- in cold outside areas you can see their breath.
- in water Survivors can hear them loudly, when they are walking in it.
- they only have melee attacks. (like in CS, one slow and strong and the other one fast and weak)
- When they run, they make sound and leave a temporary trace behind them, so that survivors can see them.
- can climb on some invisble ladders to reach areas. (Left 4 Dead PVP)

- Survivors start with a pistol with limited ammo, which are spread around the map. Ideally both fractions know where they are.
- get slower, when wounded
- when they die they fall on the ground and can be revived, with minimum health, but one hit on weak hit is enough to kill the survivor, but has great bait potential, since he can't move. (Left 4 dead style)
- water areas slows them down.

I'm sure you have some additional ideas :)
But I'd love to see this, especially since horror games are so popular.

Jan 29 2013 Anchor


Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats.
-- Howard Aiken

JacobRollin Rollin Bros. Founder
Jan 29 2013 Anchor

Yeah, Hidden Source did a really good job at creating your mod idea. If you haven't played it yourself, I think you'd really have a blast on it considering your ideas are so similar to that mod.

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