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juicytoot a street fighter
Nov 21 2011, 10:01pm Anchor

k, ive beat overdrive ostritch. whos next in line?


down, diagnol, forward, punch!

odilasa ...processing...
Nov 24 2011, 5:06am Anchor

Hmm... Well I would go with crystal snail or bubble crab, even though wire sponge is weak against the slicer which you should have received from your victory.

No spoilers here (necessarily)

Boss chart show weaknesses and gained abilities:


Fractals, fractals, everywhere; on the ground and in the air.

juicytoot a street fighter
Nov 24 2011, 12:03pm Anchor

thanks. i did beat wire sponge. crystal snail is hard but ill keep trying.


down, diagnol, forward, punch!

Dec 11 2011, 8:44pm Anchor

Best. Thread. Ever.

It's been a while but my main tip is to not underestimate the usefulness of the air dash. There's a reason it became a standard upgrade from 2 onward.

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